How to debug the Google Analytics tags without website redirect?

There are 2 natural ways to stop any redirect on the website.

  • Press escape key before your website redirect:
  • Press CTRL + Mouse Left Click
  1. Press escape key before your website redirect:
    This is one of the natural ways to stop website redirect, but sometimes it doesn’t work and the website goes blank.
  2. Press CTRL + Mouse Left Click:
    If you know the given link on the website will redirect in the same tab then click on the link by pressing CTRL key. In this way, it will open up the link in a new tab and you can debug the tag or Google Analytics event.

Google Chrome extension: There might be more extension to do a similar task, but I personally prefer dataslayer chrome extension. It’s easier to use. It doesn’t stop the redirect, but you can check the previous page event by using this extension. It can help you to check the Google Analytics event and DCM tags for the previous page or page before redirection. It won’t help you to debug Facebook pixel or Twitter pixel or Google Ads pixel, for that you will still need to use the above 2 methods or use the appropriate extensions like Facebook pixel helper or Twitter pixel helper etc.


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