Why you must use Adwords Scripts?

Start with Google Adwords Script

Programming Language: JavaScript.

There are many new features introduced by Google AdWords, but one of the best is Google AdWords Script. It can be used to automate many routines, time-consuming process, in order to give us more time to focus on the most complex aspects of accounts so you can manage them more efficiently.

Changes and automation can be done on an account level: reports, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. Also, we can do the automation at the MCC level.

Create a script in AdWords is not a complicated task and only requires following a series of steps.

How do we implement scripts in our AdWords accounts?

The implementation of the Google ad word script is very simple.


1) Must have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

2) Log in to your account, check under automation, select last option i.e. “create and manage script”.

This will lead to a page with space where we will write and execute JavaScript code.

3) Select new script. This will take you the console, where you have to start programming.

4) The main difficulty of the process lies precisely in the code. Creating a script is a code own work rather than dominate a JavaScript programmer, since it is a complex code, and quite technical in some cases extensive. But do not despair. There is good news! For those who are not programmers, there is hope in the world of AdWords scripts.

Where do I find Scripts predefined for AdWords?

At present, there are many places where you can find the predefined ad word script.

1) Google Community of Developers

This one community at our disposal a complete set of scripts that can be implemented with just copy and paste. We divide the different codes into sections, depending on what we’re looking for. It is a very useful site, very easy to see and where you find a good collection of the main actions to manage an account.

2) FreeAdwordsScripts.com

By Page Russel Savage, considered the main source of free online scripts. Here, you can find endless scripts and you can just copy and paste directly into our accounts.

Some of the highlights are scripts:

– Creating performance reports campaigns and keywords

– Disable ads and keywords for items out of stock

– Implement a script on multiple AdWords accounts

– Pause keywords without impression

3) Hero Pro Scripts Library

Here we find a platform and other services, offers a library of scripts. It is a payment platform, with prices between 30 and 300 dollars per month.

The platform offers a free trial for those interested in knowing how it works.

4) AdWords Scripts Community

It is a forum where we can ask questions and get help from both the community and AdWords Script Developer.

5) Contact me

If you want to create the dynamic script, you may contact me. I have implemented varies scripts for European, East Asian and Indian Clients.

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