Basic terms in the Google Analytics

Google Anaytics Basic Terms

Before we begin, there a few terms you should know. You’ll see them often in your Google Analytics data, and I’ll use them throughout this post.

1) Dimension: A dimension is an attribute or characteristic of data.

For example city, country, browser etc.

In layman terms: Each of these has a value i.e. city will value like Paris, New York, Mumbai etc. similarly country will have values USA, UK, India etc. So, the dimension is something which will have a value.

2) Metrics: Metrics are dimension elements that can be measured as a sum or ratio.

For Example Screen view, Pageview, Pages/Session, and Average Session Duration are metrics in Google Analytics.

In layman terms: Most of the times metrics will be numeric/decimal values.

3) Sessions: A session is a time for which user is active on your site or app.

All data(Screen views, Events, E-commerce etc.) is associated with a session.

For Google Analytics the default session timeout is 30 minutes which you may change.

In Layman terms: session is a duration and all user activities are captured within that duration.

4) Users: As the name itself says its the user or visitor visiting your website or app. There are two types of user new and returning.

5) Pageviews: As the name itself says page view is page viewed by the user. The current page will get capture in Google Analytics under page view where it will have a URL of the current page.Repeated views of a single page are counted.

6) Pages/Session: It is the average number of pages viewed during a session. Repeated views of a page are counted.

Avg. Session Duration: The average length of a session.

In Layman terms: total duration of all sessions (in seconds) / number of sessions.

7) Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits or session(without interacting with the page)

In Layman terms: Bounce rate is user came and left the website without interacting with any page.

8) New Sessions: Start a session.

9) Goals: It let you measure how user completed specific actions on your website or fulfills your target objectives. Goals are based on business requirement. Examples are making a purchase for an e-commerce website, submitting a form for a lead site etc.

10) Conversions:  Conversions are the number of times goals have been completed.

11) Acquisition: How user came to your website.

For Example Channels like organic or from Google search not from the paid ad, Direct means they entered your domain name and arrived on your site, social media etc.

12) Behavior: Behaviour helps you to know how your site is behaving.

For Example Your pages info (speed, exit etc.)


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