Basic terms in the Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager also known as GTM is an interface provided by the Google to create and manage tag.



Tag: Tag is a set of a JavaScript code which gets fired when the particular condition evaluates to be true.

Trigger: Trigger is a set of a condition, which we define and when it becomes true tag get fire.

Variable: A variable is used to store data and pass it to Google Analytics. We can use variable anywhere in Tag as well as in Trigger.

There are two types of variables:
1) Built-in variables(or predefined variables)
2) User defined variables

Data Layers: A Data Layer is a javascript array which sends data to the Google Analytics.

Folders: You can use folders tab to create a new folder and create a tag within that folder. The logic behind creating a folder is, it can easily segregate tags. For example, you may use a separate folder for all the tags on the home page and for a contact-us page.


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