Google responds to Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention with Conversion Linker Tag

First, let check whether you need conversion Linker tag or not.




Why Google came up with Conversion Linker Tag Type in the GTM?

In June 2017, Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) which will prevent all 3rd party cookie tracking after 24 hours in a Safari browser. To tackle this Google introduce Conversion Linker Tag.

The Google AdWords uses 3rd party cookie for AdWords conversion tracking, therefore, ITP will break it and all conversions that happen after 24 hours from the time a user lands on your page will not be tracked.




How will Conversion Linker Tag work?

When a user clicks on your ads, the URL of the landing page contains gclid. This ID is saved in a 3rd party AdWords Cookie.

When a user does the conversion then this 3rd party gclid is used to count it as conversion. After, ITP AdWords 3rd party cookie will be active only for 24 hours.

The Conversion Linker Tag will automatically detect the ad click information in your landing page URLs and stores this in the 1st party cookie on your domain (instead of 3rd party cookie) and we will be able to measure conversion even after ITP.


How to Set Up Conversion Linker Tag in the GTM?

  • In Google Tag Manager, go to Tags.
  • Choose Conversion Linker as a Tag Type.



  • Set on all the pages.
  • Preview and check.

You may override cookie settings which are quite self-explanatory.

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