How to debug the Google Analytics tags without website redirect?

I am working on the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager from last 5 year’s. I remember while I started using the GTM and started checking the preview mode to debug the tag I always used to get annoyed from the website redirect before I check the tag in the preview mode. After a few years of struggle, I have found many ways to check the tag before the website redirects.

 1. Use Chrome extension: I mostly use only the dataslayer chrome extension which shows the previous page events too.

2. Use the ESC key: This is one of the easiest ways to stop website redirect, but sometimes it doesn’t work and the website goes blank.

3. Use CTRL + Click: If you know the given link on the website will redirect in the same tab then click on the link by pressing CTRL key in the window’s computer and CMD in the Mac. In this way, it will open up the link in a new tab and you can debug the tag or Google Analytics event.


Among all the above 3 methods, I personally use only dataslayer chrome extension, but we can use the GTM preview mode where you can use the ESC or CTL + Click.


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