Malware warning in the Google Tag Manager

Boss!!! If you are working for a client whose data is very secure and they don’t want to take a risk at all then below message can be a big trouble. Let see what this message is all about.

Malware: Malware which is also known as “malicious software” which harm your computer or the software which it is running. Malware can be viruses, worms, spyware and Trojan horses.

What can it do? 

Malware can send sensitive information to the hacker. An information can be credit card number, password, SSN etc. without your knowledge. The Malware can do many more things not limited to the above.

Containers are automatically scanned for malware. If malware is detected, the affected container will be flagged and tags may be blocked from firing.

To protect the safety and security of users, Google Tag Manager will stop firing tags pointing to sites where we find malware.


malware in the GTM


Most of the time users are not aware of that their tags contain malware because most of them come from the third party libraries or templates.

It can do unwanted URL redirects, pop-up ads, altered search results, the addition of unwanted browser toolbars or side-search bars, and slow computer speeds.

The Google will send a notification email to the container owner and even it will flag it as shown above. In order to remove it, you can remove all the triggers for
which malware is shown (check the below image)


malware in the GTM


What can you do if you run an Ad network?

1) You can use Google search console.

2) Go to google webmasters and enter your website in the field to add website then click an add.

3) The google will ask you to verify your website.

4) Check the issue which Google found to fix it and then after fixing it resubmit your website.


You may also check on the // where you have to enter an URL of the site and it will scan it and let you know if any issue were found.

You may also want to visit for more information.

I hope this information helps you.

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