What is a cross-device conversion? What is the Google notification is all about?

Nowadays, if you open your Google Analytics account you will see a notification looks like below. Please note, once you click on the “X” or Close then this notification will disappear.

cross device signal notification

I will be covering below parts from this notification.

  1. Cross-Device Conversion
  2. Google Signals
  3. Cross-Device Conversion in the Google Analytics
  4. Cross-Device Conversion import in the Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords.
  1. Cross-Device Conversion: When a user engages with multiple devices like desktop, mobile, tablet etc., it is called cross-device engagement. When a user interacts with the ad with one device and converts with the other, it’s called Cross-device conversion. In this scenario, the device with which the user interacts with the ad will be called “Ad Interaction Device” and the device with which the user converts will be called “Conversion Device”.
  2. Google Signal: As most of us are aware that when we’re signed in to Google account, Google records our browsing behavior and alter results accordingly. If you are using a single account across multiple devices for example in your mobile and desktop, Google can know that the same person is using 2 different devices and can link your search behavior on both the devices. Whatever action you take in these 2 devices, Google will record your behavior and this is called Google Signal which it uses to identify users across multiple devices for the ad personalization. If you are using 2 different Google account one in a desktop and another in mobile, Google won’t be able to link them. In this case, for Google, it will be 2 different users. The Google signal will only work if the user has turned on Ads Personalization which is ON by default. Learn more about how to control the ads you see here 
  3. Cross-Device Conversion in the Google Analytics: If you have activated the Google signals, you will be able to see a cross-device report in the Google Analytics which is mostly self-explanatory if you navigate to it. It can help you to get cross-device insights, auto export of cross-device conversion to the linked Google Ads account, and use it for automated bid strategies to optimize your campaign. Learn more about how to activate Google signal here


  4. Cross-Device Conversion import in the Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords: Google Analytics will help you to understand the user cross-device behavior while Google AdWords will help you to adjust the campaign based on that behavior. Earlier, we were able to import Google Analytics conversions/goal/transactions to the Google ads for which we first need to link the Google Analytics and Google Ads, after which you could navigate to the conversion tab in the Google ads, click on plus icon and import the Google Analytics goals or transactions. Read more about how to import Google Analytics goals to Google Ads here 

    Create ConversionThe major usage of cross-device conversion is with the previous goal import feature of the Google Ads. With the cross-device Google Analytic report, you can now understand for what goal users use the multiple devices and then import those goals to the Google ads and include in a conversion column if needed (if you are using automated bid strategies to optimize for conversion then it will use it to optimize your campaign). You can see the cross-device conversion in the Google Ads under columns ==> modify columns ==> conversions ==> cross-device conversion. This cross-device conversion will only show conversion which happened from multiple devices. The cross-device conversion only works in an environment where a cookie is present. Where there is no cookie, no cross-device measurement is possible, which makes conversions immeasurable.

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