What is a filter in a view and why it matters?

What is a filter in a view and why it matters?

When you create a view in a Google Analytics you have an option to filter out data and get only the required data. Ideally, most of the Google Analytics properties has 3 views

  • Raw View
  • Master View
  • Test View

Raw View: As the name suggests it is a raw view without any filter. This view is used to have back up of the data.
Master View: This is the view with all filters, goals and all required settings. This is the view user will mostly refer to.
Test View: Test view is used to test newly applied settings. Whenever you want to apply a new filter you first apply to test view and if it works well then you can move it to Master view.

When applying the filter you have to make sure an order is correct. For an example:

Suppose your website is stackbug.com and you only want to collect data of your website then the first filter will be hostname contains stackbug.com followed by other required filters.

If you start with filtering out some data in a first filter then the second filter will only have data filtered by the first filter.

I can explain this in layman terms:

Suppose you have 1-10 numbers and in the first filter, you put condition as number contains 1-5 then the second filter will only have 1-5 numbers to work with, it won’t have 6-10.

You can learn more on filters here: //support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033162?hl=en

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