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Understanding Cross-Device Conversions and Google’s Notification

If you currently use Google Analytics, you may have noticed a recent notification that appears on your account dashboard. This message provides important information about changes to the platform and can be dismissed by clicking ‘Learn More.”

I will be covering the below parts from this notification.

  1. Cross – Device Conversion
  2. Google Signals
  3. Cross – Device Conversion in the Google Analytics
  4. Cross – Device Conversion import in Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords.
  1. Cross – Device Conversion: When a user engages with digital content on multiple devices, including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets, this is referred to as cross-device engagement. A cross-device conversion occurs when a user interacts with an advertisement on one device and then converts it to another. The “Ad Interaction Device” is the device where the user first interacts with the advertisement, and the “Conversion Device” is the device where the conversion takes place.
  2. Google Signal: Many of us use Google on different platforms, like desktops and mobile phones, and anticipate that our search results will be the same everywhere. When a Google account is used, Google Signal is the feature that links user behavior across various devices. Accordingly, any searches you conduct on one device will also be saved on the other, enabling a more specialized advertising experience. It’s important to note that Google won’t be able to link your accounts if you use different Google accounts on various devices. Additionally, in order for Google Signal to function, the user must enable Ads Personalization, which is the default setting. Therefore, you can choose not to have your search history shared across devices for personalized ads in your Google account settings. Learn more about how to control the ads you see here
  • Cross – Device Conversion in Google Analytics:
  • You can access a user-friendly cross-device report in your Google Analytics account by turning on Google Signals. This report can help you optimize your ad campaigns with automated bid strategies and provides insightful information about the behavior of your audience across various devices. Learn how to use this feature to advance your advertising campaigns. Learn more about how to activate Google signal here
  1. Cross – Device Conversion import in the Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords:

You can learn a lot about how users interact with your website across a variety of devices by using Google Analytics. Additionally, Google AdWords provides strong tools for modifying your ad campaigns in response to this cross-device behavior. Linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts enables you to import conversions, goals, and transactions from Google Analytics directly into Google Ads. This is one way to connect the two platforms. Simply select the desired goals or transactions from Google Analytics by clicking the plus icon on the “Conversions” tab in Google Ads. Read more about how to import Google Analytics goals to Google Ads here

The capability of Google Analytics to monitor user behavior across various devices is one of its most useful features. This functionality has grown in power with the recent addition of cross-device conversion reporting.

You can now determine which objectives are being attained by users who switch between different devices during their customer journey using cross-device conversion data. You can include cross-device conversions in your conversion column in Google Ads by importing this data, and you can use this data to optimize your campaigns using automated bid strategies.

Simply go to the “Conversions” tab in Google Ads and choose “Cross-Device Conversion” from the “Modify Columns” menu to view your cross-device conversion data. It’s crucial to remember that cross-device conversion reporting is dependent on cookies and might not be available everywhere.

You can gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing campaigns by utilizing the insights offered by cross-device conversion reporting.



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